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Lovingly handcrafted from the finest cotton from start to finish. K'UYUY. Por lo justo

Each hammock is a hand-woven unique piece

How we weave

The kilometer-long cotton thread is carefully stretched onto our self-made loom and woven into loops for sleepers. We use an old, traditional Nicaraguan weaving technique that we have perfected to further improve the ergonomics and at the same time increase the resilience of the hammocks. The special feature of our weaving art lies in the net technique without knots, which is only possible entirely by hand - stitch by stitch. Every K'UYUY hammock is a work of art for body and soul.

Wooden labels from the Allgäu

Yes, of course

We have our logos made from the best Allgäu wood by Jörg von Allgäuer and sew them on ourselves using needle and thread at our location in Kraftisried. In Nicaragua it is not easy to get certified wooden products and we love holding every single hammock in our hands in the Allgäu and checking the quality.

Cotton care labels

Know what your hammock needs

We attach a small care label made of 100% cotton to each hammock, which we purchase from Dortex . Here you will find a little washing instructions and some love that went through our finders. The label is attached so that you can easily remove it if it bothers you while hammocking.

Organic cotton bag for the hammock

Well packaged

No matter whether HAMACA , SILLÒN or SILLA , each hammock model comes to you neatly bagged in a bag made of pure cotton, with which you can easily transport your hammock to your favorite place. The bags are Bags od Ethics from supreme creations , which is a member of the Fairtrade Foundation .

Perfectly refined with Allgäu ash

Wood from next door

Starting this summer we will be getting the rods for our SILLAS from Allgäuer Wert- und Edelholz Gmbh & Co.KG. in which only local and PEFC-tested woods are processed. We chose the precious wood ash because the wood comes from the surrounding forests here in the Allgäu and guarantees very high strength, toughness and elasticity. The use of ash is not only sustainable because of its rapid growth in the local forest; many trees are currently being felled and need to be processed due to the ash shoots.

Customize your K'UYUY hammock


Since each hammock is a hand-woven unique piece, you can also have the hammock of your choice woven by us. No matter whether you want a special design or color, we make everything possible using our natural colors. Simply write us an email to with the subject “my own thing” and tell us your special requests.

love k'uyuy